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Kitchen Basics Videos

Don't know the difference between boiling and broiling? These videos will answer all your culinary questions. It's just like having a coach in the kitchen!

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  • How to Make Meatballs

    If your Nonna isn't around to teach you how to make meatballs, our cooking video can. She'd like our tip for making them all the same size. You will too.

  • The Secrets to Cheesecake Success

    From adjusting oven temps for your pan to avoiding cracked and soggy crusts, this video reveals the secrets to cheesecake success—every time!

  • Chocolate Decorating Basics

    Next time you serve desserts to impress don't forget the finishing touch. Michele teaches us some great tips and tricks to decorating desserts using Baker's Chocolate.

  • How to Cook Brussels Sprouts

    Brussels sprouts are one of the best fall vegetables. This How to Cook Brussels Sprouts Cooking Video shows you how to bring out their natural sweetness.

  • How to Cook Butternut Squash

    If not knowing how to cook butternut squash keeps you from enjoying this delicious veggie, let our How to Cook Butternut Squash Cooking Video show you how.

  • How to Cook Fish

    There's more than one way to cook a fish! Learn how to cook fish two ways—pan-fried and baked—in this easy-to-follow cooking video.

  • How to Cook Quinoa

    Nutty, fluffy quinoa is one of our favorite whole grains! Learn how to cook quinoa like a pro in this cooking video, and you can make any quinoa recipe.

  • How to Cut a Mango

    Once you learn how to cut a mango in this cooking video you'll be able to dazzle friends with your new-found skill. Use it in salsas, salads & desserts.

  • How to Fold a Burrito

    Watch this cooking video, learn how to fold a burrito, and never worry about salsa or any other burrito filling falling out again. You've got this.