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Halloween How-To: Drink Tips

From witches' brew to grog for goblins, festive drinks are must-haves on the Halloween party menu. Here are how-to tips for making and serving your bash's beverages, including plan-ahead pointers and seasonal garnishes. We’ve got Halloween drink recipes for everything from Ghoulish Punch to Vampire Sangria. We’ve got more tips and recipes at our all-season Beverage Center, so you’ll be set for liquid refreshment. We also have lots o’ recipes—both savory and sweet—to round out the menu. With creepy eats that range from “graveyard” cakes and alarming-looking JELL-O creations to appetizers like Spicy Vampire Bat Wings (which taste a lot like chicken), your Halloween party might just be the year's most memorable!

Halloween Party Planning

  • Ice is frequently one of the first things a host runs out of when giving a party. To prevent this from happening, plan ahead. Start filling bags of ice from your ice maker a few days before the party and store in the freezer until ready to use.
  • Don't let melting ice cubes water down filled glasses of punch or soda. Prepare our Super Fruity Kool Kubes a few days before the party, then store in your freezer until ready to fill your ice bucket for the party.
  • Cold pitchers of prepared CRYSTAL LIGHT Drink Mix and Sugar-Free KOOL-AID Drink Mix are great drink alternatives for guests watching their waistlines. Or, instead of preparing one flavor of drink, fill a bowl with a variety of flavors of CRYSTAL LIGHT On-the-Go Drink Mix Packets and place on a tray with a pitcher of cold water. Then, each guest can use to prepare their favorite flavor of drink.
  • For a festive touch, float pieces of frozen fruit, such as citrus slices or berries, in your favorite punch. In addition to adding color and flavor, the fruit will help keep the beverage cold without watering it down.
  • Serving spooky cocktails? For an extra-special touch, coat the rims of empty glasses with colored sugar. Just dip the rim of each glass in water, then in the colored sugar until evenly coated. Choose the color of sugar to match your decorations.
  • To keep hot drinks, such as Warm Spiced Apple Lemonade or Chocolate Almond Coffee, warm during your party, serve them from a slow cooker set on the LOW or WARM setting. Multiply the recipe as needed to make sure you have enough to serve your guests.

Spooky Sips

  • Puzzled about how many cold drinks, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, to serve at your party? Our beverage math page is here to help! Or, if you’re wondering how much coffee to brew, check out our coffee for a crowd for an easy-to-follow guide.
  • If you already have a favorite punch recipe (or two), give it a Halloween-themed name for the night, like “Witch’s Brew” or “Goblin Grog.”
  • Plastic trick-or-treat containers can be a fun way to serve cold beverages, such as our delicious Halloween Sparkle Punch. Or, purchase a plastic cauldron-shaped bucket at a party store and use that instead.

Need even more ideas? Our Beverage Center is a great recipe resource for preparing hot drinks, cold drinks, cocktails and mocktails.