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How to Make Snacks - Ideas For Kids

Snack Ideas for Kids
Snacks can provide a positive contribution to kids' diets — depending on the choices we offer.

Smart Snacking Tips

  • Use snack time to fill in food groups missed at mealtime. For example, if your child didn’t drink milk at lunch, snack ideas such as yogurt or cheese slices are great alternatives.
  • Time between-meal snacks so they satisfy kids’ hunger and keep them fueled for activities, but aren’t too close to their next meal. Serving snacks about two to three hours before mealtime is a good guideline.
  • Make it easy for kids to grab nutritious snacks by designating a snack idea shelf in the pantry and refrigerator.
  • Older kids often feel hungry when they get home from school. Stock up on ready-to eat snack ideas, such as fruit, cheese, peanut butter and ready-to-eat raw veggies.
  • Keep portion sizes sensible. When snack time calls for a treat like cookies or snack crackers, 100 calories is about right. Stock your shelves with pre-portioned snack ideas, such as snack bars or dried fruit.
  • Put a serving of non-perishable snack foods in your child’s backpack if he or she has sports or other activities immediately after school. Some good options are trail mix, fresh or dried fruit, cut-up vegetables or a peanut butter sandwich.
  • When you and your kids are on the go, take along perishable snacks chilled with a freezer pack in a clean, insulated container or cooler.
  • Remember snack safety. Seat and supervise young children during snack time. Cut foods such as hot dogs, meat, grapes, raw fruits and vegetables into small, bite-size pieces and encourage children to chew well. Avoid serving small, hard foods, such as nuts (that may cause choking if swallowed whole) to children 6 years of age or younger.