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5 Brunch Recipes and Cocktails

A festive brunch is a delightful way to celebrate holidays and special occasions, whether just with your family or with a group of people you invite over for a party. When you are preparing a brunch, focus on developing a spread that includes all of the major food groups, along with a balance of warm items, cold items, and a few cocktails.


A hearty egg dish should be one of the centerpieces of your brunch spread. Consider making a breakfast strata, which is easy to put together the evening before, refrigerate overnight, and bake in the morning before your brunch. It’s also a good idea to serve deviled eggs, which are a crowd pleaser and make perfect finger food for guests who want a savory bite but don’t want to use a plate and fork.


One thing that differentiates brunch from breakfast is the addition of vegetable dishes, which bring a savory touch to the mealtime. Turn to an elegant recipe like baked asparagus, which goes a step beyond the basic vegetable platter and dip but is still easy to prepare.


Put a spin on a classic fruit salad when serving a brunch. One easy dish to serve is a simple warm fruit compote. If you want something a bit different, a watergate salad, which combines pineapple and creamy whipped topping, is always a hit.


Finish off the brunch with a few sweets. Baked blintzes, which are crepes rolled with cheese and fruit, are easy to prepare ahead of time and bake just before you serve them. Another idea is to make a simple lemon cake, which provides a clean, crisp end to the mealtime.


Don’t forget about the cocktails (and mocktails) at your brunch. These are what turn your meal into a party! Most of the classic brunch cocktails focus on fruit juice at the heart of the drink. Try serving mojitos, which have limeade, mint, rum, and club soda and are very refreshing. Another idea is to let guests mix up a mimosa with champagne and citrus juice or a bellini with sparkling wine and peach puree.

As you craft your brunch menu, give yourself the freedom to pick dishes you enjoy. You are making a big spread, so all of your guests are sure to find a few things that fit their tastes, too.

* For adults who choose to drink, please do so responsibly.