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Start the Day With Something Different: Inspired Dishes in the Morning

There’s no reason that you need to eat eggs, bacon, pancakes, doughnuts, or cereal at breakfast. Have you ever considered using chicken breast strips, a bit of steak, or some noodles in your breakfast? In many other countries, savory foods that we generally think of as lunch or dinner are common breakfast fare. Try starting your day with a hearty recipe and see how the added protein and full flavor helps you fuel up and feel energized!

Refreshed stir fry

In most Asian countries, rice plays a big part in breakfast, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a part of yours. Start with instant or leftover white or brown rice and toss together a simple stir fry with meat, vegetables, and a sauce. Fry an egg and cut it into strips to top it all off and make it feel a bit more familiar as breakfast food. If you like it spicy, add a dash of hot sauce to jump start your metabolism.


A bowl of noodles can be a hearty and satisfying recipe, whether in the evening or the morning. Try an Asian-inspired cold noodle bowl with peanut sauce or sesame oil and an assortment of fresh shredded vegetables. If you prefer Italian flavors, cook up some chicken and spaghetti noodles and make a bowl of chicken parmesan for breakfast time.


Many kinds of soup can be enjoyed at breakfast time, and they are easy to make ahead and reheat in the morning for a simple, warm, and comforting dish. If you want to stay close to traditional breakfast ingredients, try a bacon and potato soup. Other delicious breakfast soup ideas could include hearty lentil stew, spicy chicken tortilla soup, or a good bowl of minestrone soup.

Leftover casserole

If you’re the type who doesn’t usually have time to cook breakfast, make a little extra at dinner time the night before and reheat a portion the next morning. Many types of casserole, like baked ziti, reheat very well and make a hearty and delicious breakfast time recipe.

Once you start eating “dinner for breakfast,” you might find that you have a hard time going back to what is typically thought of as breakfast foods. A hearty recipe with protein and fiber provides a welcome start to any day!