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Happy Pi Day! 3(.14) Ways to Make an Apple Pie

In mathematics, the number pi is used when doing calculations with circles, so it’s only appropriate that you make a circular pie to celebrate pi day. Because pi is conventionally rounded to 3.14, Pi Day is on March 14th. While you have probably already mastered the perfect apple pie, try putting a new twist on the classic this year on Pi Day.

Apple Pie Bars

When you need to serve a crowd on pi day, turn to a big pan of apple pie bars to share with everybody. The modern twist on the classic pie includes cream cheese in the top and bottom crusts to add richness and help the crusts hold together well. After cutting the pan of bars into squares, it’s easy to pass them around and let everyone enjoy some finger food apple pie.

Cranberry-Apple Crumb Pie

Apple pies are designed to be a combination of sweet and tart, especially when you use sour Granny Smith apples in the filling. If you really enjoy tart flavors, this cranberry apple crumb pie is the perfect recipe to try. The combination of cranberries and apples adds another dimension to the tartness, while also bringing the vibrant color of the berries into the mix. The cinnamon walnut topping lets the berries shine through, while also bringing some crunch to every bite.

Caramel Apple Pie Pockets

When you need to eat your pie on the go, reach for the recipe to make caramel apple pie pockets. These single-serving pie pockets are filled with sweet apple and decadent bits of caramel, all enclosed in a flaky crust. If you don’t finish them all on Pi Day (or just lead in with how to handle leftovers), wrap the apple pie pockets individually and freeze them for later. Just pop one in the toaster oven or microwave to reheat it as a sweet treat,

Don’t let Pi Day pass you by without trying out a new recipe. March 14th gives you the perfect excuse to experiment with an unconventional pie to enjoy yourself or share with others. If you can’t pick just one pie to make, go ahead and make 3.14 of them to get in the spirit of the holiday!