Kicked Up Egg Salad Sandwich | Kraft in the Kitchen

A Southwest Twist to Egg Salad

Easter brings jelly beans, family dinner and plenty of hard cooked eggs. Deviled eggs are a great way to use up a few of the eggs, but let’s face it…you can only eat so many deviled eggs. Egg salad is another great and easy way to use up leftover eggs. For today’s recipe, I wanted to give egg salad a fresh twist.  It makes a very simple and satisfying sandwich.

Southwest Egg Salad

Mashed avocado joins creamy KRAFT Mayo on a mission to make a smooth and flavorful egg salad. We’re going for southwest flavor here, so I added cilantro, ground cumin, a little fresh lime juice and a dash or two of hot sauce. This egg salad is a fresh and flavorful take on a classic lunchtime favorite.

Click here for the recipe: Southwest Egg Salad Sandwich