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How to Pull Off a Brunch Like a Pro

When you want to have friends over without the pressure of putting on a dinner party, opt for brunch instead. This late morning meal has been gaining popularity because you can enjoy a variety of foods, and enjoy a cocktail with friends and family. Regardless of your age, you can host a stellar brunch for friends with a little bit of planning.

Cook the day before

You don’t want to have to wake up at the crack of dawn to cook, so choose recipes that allow you to do most of the preparation the day before. That way, you can stay up late the night before and roll out of bed after sleeping in, while still putting a delicious spread on the table. Try recipes like stuffed french toast that you can assemble the day before and just pop in the oven in the morning. Embrace the relaxation that is characteristic of brunch

Serve classic comfort food

Flip through your favorite breakfast recipes and choose dishes that remind you of home. These should be at the heart of your brunch menu, with several different options available for people with different comfort foods, including omelets or cheesy strata recipes.

Add savory dishes

Your brunch should bring together the best of breakfast and lunch. In addition to sweet fare, don’t be afraid to put a few savory vegetable dishes on your menu. Baked asparagus is simple and looks very fancy, not to mention that it tastes delicious. A spinach salad gives a nod to breakfast with ingredients like bacon and hard boiled eggs, while providing a colorful, fresh dish to add to your spread.

Put together an open bar

Allow your guests to help themselves to any drinks they want. Provide a pitcher or two of mixed drinks, like mojitos or sangria, which are easy to refill anytime. Also provide sparkling wine and fruit juices so guests can mix up a mimosa or bellini with their favorite flavors. Warm beverages, like coffee and hot chocolate, make for great morning cocktails, too. Pair with a flavored or specialty liquor for a kicked up caffeinated drink. When guests arrive, pour yourself a drink and start enjoying brunch.


* For adults who chose to drink, please do so responsibly.