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1 Minute Chocolate Chip Brownies in a Mug

Felicia Carter – Go Grow Go

Quick Yummy Goodness!


There’s no denying how much I love a good brownie.  Really, it doesn’t even have to be a “gourmet” brownie.  I’ve had my fair share of convenience store bought brownies in a pinch.  However, I also really love a quick recipe that doesn’t require me to wait the better part of an hour in order to consume the chocolate deliciousness that a brownie is all about.

So, I have a new mug recipe for you that will allow you to have your chocolate treat in about a minute once you pop it into the microwave.


Did you know that 5/19 is World Baking Day?  As much as I like to bake, some days I want this quick yummy goodness in a mug!


What will you do to celebrate this lovely day today?  How about these cream pies or maybe a fun new strawberry recipe could be the ticket!


Click here for: 1 Minute Chocolate Chip Brownies in a Mug.

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