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Cherry Limeade Punch

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Easy Spring Cherry Limeade

In Illinois, there are two months of the year that I love more than any other.  My favorite is October when it starts to really cool down and the trees turn beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red.  My second favorite is May.  This month is the one that greets us with fluffy, green grass, colorful flowers and weather just warm enough to enjoy sitting on the porch all day while the kids ride their bikes.

It’s also the month I start whipping up some of my favorite punch drink recipes and grilled hamburgers.  I love being able to hand over some of the cooking responsibilities to my husband while he mans the grill and I get to focus my time on quick side dishes and refreshing drinks like this Cherry Limeade Punch.  Don’t let the color fool you, this isn’t some boring sweet tea; it’s a bubbly combination of lemon-lime soda with a kick of lemon-lime KOOL-AID and sweetened up with Maraschino cherry juice.


Click here for the full recipe: Cherry Limeade Drink Recipe.

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