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Chocolate-Chip Pancakes

John Donohue – Stay at Stove Dad

Chocolate-Chip Pancakes Deliver a Teachable Moment


With Memorial Day on the horizon, summer is getting ready to roll. School, of course, is winding down, but that’s no reason kids should stop learning.  There’s always plenty to teach them around the kitchen. And I know a little secret about how to maintain their interest: chocolate.

This wasn’t actually my idea.  I’m not that big on sweets (my idea of dessert is rhubarb compote), and rarely use chocolate in my cooking.  My eldest, however, is her mother’s daughter through and through, and when she started making pancakes, her innovation was to add chocolate chips to them.  It’s not the most original idea in the world, but when you are nine almost everything is fresh and new.  With the greatest of ease, she’s taken to mixing up the batter, turning on the stove, and using a spatula.


To aid her culinary development, I added knife skills, by having her chop BAKER’S Chocolate.  I showed her how to hold the knife and how to keep her hands out of the way.  Every time she makes them she gets a chance to get a tiny bit more comfortable with a blade, and that’s a great lesson.  You want your kids to be comfortable in the kitchen, with or without chocolate.  Kids can even have fun when their chocolate-chip pancakes turn out to smile back at them.


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