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Lemon Coconut Marshmallow Pops

Jess Gonzalez – On Sugar Mountain


Hello friends! I’m back with more island-inspired desserts! After all the rave reviews I got for the Tropical Fruit Pizza last week, I thought I’d continue the summery island theme into these nearly no-bake Marshmallow Pops!


I say “nearly” no bake, since toasting coconut technically requires the oven, even if the rest of the recipe does not. This recipe would be a perfect way to use up any leftover toasted coconut from the Fruit Pizza recipe though, and then it’d be totally no-bake, and totally kid-friendly.


If the little ones are home from school for summer vacation already, they’ll have a ball whipping up these tropical Marshmallow Pops!


Or, maybe you’ve got another summer BBQ coming up and the idea of turning on the oven for more than 10 minutes sounds abhorrent to you. Totally fair, to be sure, in which case these adorable one-bite desserts are the answer to your summer heat wave woes!


The lemony goodness comes from another packet of KOOL-AID Drink Mix, this time lemon-flavored. You mix it right into the melted white chocolate, and then dip away! Top with toasted BAKER’S Shredded Coconut, and let dry before serving to your guests. They’ll be so impressed by these tropical treats, and it’ll be our little secret how simple they were to make!


You can use lollipop or pop sticks to make your marshmallow pops (you can find them at any craft store), or find some fun striped straws and cut them down like I did.


If you’re planning a tropical-themed party this summer, you could whip up these Marshmallow Pops AND the Tropical Fruit Pizza for a super cute island-themed dessert table!


Get the full recipe here: Lemon Coconut Marshmallow Pops.