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Lime Berry Sangria Slush Recipe

Liz Latham – Hoosier Homemade and Pocket Change Gourmet

Delicious Mocktail Recipe for Cinco de Mayo


I may not be of Mexican descent but I have always loved to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  To me, it feels like the beginning of the barbecue-patio-entertaining season.  It’s (usually) one of the first days in the spring that we can have people over and be outside.  Sometimes we head out to a great Mexican restaurant in our area but when we entertain at home, it is so much more fun.


I like to make a variety of Cinco de Mayo inspired foods like tamales, enchiladas, or fajitas.  We always have chips, salsa and guacamole to snack on and some great beverages to share with our friends and family.  I like to make up one or two punch recipes filled with fruit that can be made for adults or as mocktails for all to enjoy.


This year, I will be making Lime Berry Sangria Slush using Crystal Light Berry Sangria.  This will go great with our dinner menu and will make your Cinco de Mayo celebrations delicious as well.  This recipe serves a crowd, but it can easily be cut in half or stored in the freezer for later use.


Click here for the full recipe: Lime Berry Sangria Slush Recipe.


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