Mexican Hot Chocolate JELL-O Pudding

Kimberly Schiffel – Bake Love Give

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo


It’s no secret that we adore all holidays and will take any excuse to create delicious desserts for sharing with friends.  Cinco de Mayo just happens to be one of our favorite holidays to celebrate due to our undying love of Mexican cuisine.  Nothing compares to a bowl of guacamole or chile con queso and chatting amongst friends.  Chips and dip are totally meant for sharing.

You know what else was meant for sharing?  This Mexican Hot Chocolate JELL-O Pudding. It is everything that I adore about Mexican Hot Chocolate in an easy to serve dessert just perfect for your next Cinco de Mayo fiesta.  Silky smooth Chocolate JELL-O Instant Pudding is spiced with cinnamon and cayenne before being topped with sweet Vanilla JET-PUFFED Mallow Bits.


This recipe makes four half-ounce servings perfect for a weeknight dessert.  If you’re looking for a smaller, fiesta-sized serving it portions adorably into eight espresso mugs for added fun.  Guests will absolutely love pairing their traditional Cinco de Mayo dishes with this Mexican Hot Chocolate JELL-O Pudding.


What are you waiting for?  Stuff a piñata, gather your friends and whip up a batch of Mexican Hot Chocolate JELL-O Pudding for a guaranteed good time!


Get the recipe here: Mexican Hot Chocolate JELL-O Pudding.

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