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Raspberry Coconut Cupcakes

Jess Gonzalez – On Sugar Mountain

Sweet Gifts for Mom


Hello friends!  The lovely month of May is upon us and with it plenty of sunshine, flowers, and a very important holiday in my book.


My mom has always been a huge supporter of all my work.  Never have I gone to her with an idea without hearing the response “if you work hard, you can do it.”  For that reason (among many others) Mother’s Day is a big deal in my book.  My mom rocks my socks, and she absolutely deserves her own holiday, and I bet yours does too!


Growing up, my mom was always cold.  We used to joke that if she could move to an island right on the equator, she would, because she loves sunshine, high temperatures, and sandy beaches.  Her love for bright cheery and warm days inspired me to make these Raspberry Coconut Cupcakes!


These cupcakes are incredibly easy to make, and would be a lovely Mother’s Day gift (who wouldn’t want to be greeted with a batch of these beautiful treats?!).  They’d also be a smash hit for a Cinco de Mayo party or at your Memorial Day BBQ.  The combination of sweet coconut and tart raspberry will transport you to sunny, tropical shores, and whoever you share these cupcakes with will be so impressed with your awesome baking skills!  They don’t need to know how simple they were to make. We’ll keep that our little secret. 😉


The superstar ingredients in this recipe are JELL-O, PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, and BAKER’S Shredded Coconut.  That vibrant, rich pink colored frosting is a twist on a classic cream cheese icing, bursting with fresh raspberry flavor from Raspberry JELL-O Mix.  Topping the cupcakes off with a bit of BAKER’S Shredded Coconut seals the deal on both beauty and flavor.  Make these cupcakes and I promise you’ll be asked to make them again and again all summer long!


Click here to get the full recipe: these Raspberry Coconut Cupcakes!


Happy Baking!


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