Lettuce Explain

Can’t tell arugula from rugelach? Think chard is what your burger gets on the grill? Salad greens are intimidating no more. Check out our go-to leafy green glossary.

Top 5 Leafy Green Ideas!

  1. Krunchy Kale Chips. Don’t ask, just do. Trust us.


  1. Salad-Topped Taco Pizza. Salad on top of pizza, for delicious efficiency.


  1. Layered Asian Salad. Sriracha and peanut butter dressing. Intrigued?


  1. Warm Tomato-Spinach Salad. With sweetened, toasted pecans, a delish way to enjoy your greens.


  1. Layered Tex-Mex Taco Salad. A salad that also has sour cream, cheese, avocados and taco seasoning? YES, PLEASE.



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    Susan says:

    Why haven’t I been able to purchase KRAFT’S Green Goddess Salad Dressing?

    I live in Northeast Ohio in the 44124 zip code.

    It’s been years since I have been able to purchase this product.

    I don’t want a recipe to make it from scratch, I just want to be able to purchase this by
    the individual bottle.

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