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Memorial Day Means Guacamole

I think we can all agree that avocados are the rock stars of the fruit (yes, fruit!) scene. Case in point: What other produce would you PAY to have put on your plate beside your burrito? That would be none.

Click here for the recipe: Roasted Vegetable Guacamole.


And let’s face it, guacamole is the reason corn chips exist. There is nothing better in this world to dip a crunchy triangle into on Memorial Day (though some of my peeps would put queso first).


What makes guac great? It’s the only dip that successfully combines fresh produce (and not much else) to result in totally amazing flavor. Plus it’s a cinch to make, especially when you use this “HASS-le” free (ha!) pro tip. See how to cut an avocado:

This player is created by Blackwell Team.

Mastered that? Here’s my ultimate: chunky guacamole, with pieces of avocado that balance on my chip for a totally satisfying bite.


And check out our Seasonal Produce page to learn how to choose and ripen avocados plus how to keep them from turning brown once you cut them.

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