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Recipes That Say “Fiesta” Not “Siesta”

Inspiration can sometimes come from the most unexpected places. I just read an interview with a famous journalist—known for covering race and politics—who discussed his love of comic books (when I get a moment to read, I like to read everything!). One thing he said that really stuck with me was how much he liked plot twists in comics. Now, I’m no journalist, and I’m not a (conventional) superhero, but I do love a twist too! Just because a recipe is quick and easy doesn’t mean it should be predictable. Which brings me to this amazing shrimp cocktail.

As you may have guessed, my favorite twists are of the spiced up, Latin variety, and this recipe is no exception! Avocados, jalapeños and fresh tomatoes make this version of the familiar appetizer suddenly modern and exciting, while a mixture of clam-flavored tomato cocktail (the magic ingredient), KRAFT Mango Chipotle Vinaigrette Dressing and a little lime juice give classic cocktail sauce a Mexican-style update. The best part? It only takes 15 minutes!

Looking for more fast & fun south-of-the-border ideas? Check out this collection of easy Mexican appetizers. Or take your cue from classic Latin street eats and serve up this Grilled Mexican Corn (generally called “elotes” in Spanish, sometimes in English too!), Farm-Fresh Quesadillas and Chicken & Feta Salad Tostadas.



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    Lee Hartmann says:

    Ever since Kraft has changed their website I can’t print the recipes in recipe card form. I can view them in that form, but when I press print it comes up in a three page form which is not good for saving in my recipe notebook. Let me print it in card form!!!!! Also the new site will not let me access all the recipes in a category. If I want to look at, let’s say chicken casseroles, only nine or so come up. I used to get all of the recipes in a category before, which was great! I think Kraft has ruined the website!!!! I find it very had to find what I want. They need to make these changes so it is pleasant to use again!!!

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    SELINA says:

    I also agree with lee I too am unable to print the recipes from the new web site the developers have made it difficult to look up recipes I have used before in the past I have just stopped looking at Kraft recipes and started looking else where ,, what a shame I really enjoyed the recipes,,,,,

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