Beef & Broccoli Reinvented

With busy days and evenings filled with swimming, housefuls of visiting friends and family, and lots of parties and potlucks, it can be hard to find time to prepare a healthy meal. That’s why keeping a repertoire of salad recipes on hand is helpful.

With a few ingredients and KRAFT Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing, you can make this Beef & Broccoli Salad. It combines spicy flavors with crunchy textures and in less than 15 minutes, this colorful salad is ready. I like to get the kids involved by having them chop the vegetables while the beef marinates, then I do the stovetop cooking. To make it more substantial, we use chopped romaine to a bag of spring greens. In our house, the kids know that the more colors on the plate, the tastier the meal, and this salad is a nice mix of green, red and purple.

Moneywise Moms - Ingredients

My son calls this a “restaurant-quality” salad, meaning it’s as good as something we’d order eating out. We like to recreate restaurant meals at home because we can control the portion size, ingredients and price.

Dinner salads are an easy way to keep the family eating vegetables all summer. If you have a garden, add some of your own fresh-grown produce and herbs, and experiment with the family’s favorite flavors to find salads that everyone enjoys. It’s easy to add grilled chicken or steak on top of a salad for protein. Including the kids in choosing the ingredients and prepping the meal not only teaches them to cook but encourages them to try new flavors and foods. Summer break is the perfect time to learn these skills.

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Recipe and photo by Gina Lincicum, Moneywise Moms

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