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Behold the Mold!

This GIF of the Kaleidoscope Mold (previously mentioned here) is basically my new favorite thing. The recipe is delicious, but that’s not what this is about. I find the GIF oddly captivating and somehow deeply calming to watch—it’s gotten to the point that I find reasons to watch it all day long:

A little sluggish in the morning? Behold the mold.
Feeling stressed at work? Behold the mold.
Successfully avoiding those cookies? Behold the mold.
Nervous about tonight’s date? Behold the mold.
Just need a little break? (Say it with me!) Behold the mold.
You get the idea.

But the beauty of this dessert is more than just skin deep. I can promise you it’s also super delicious and easy to make. In that vein, here are a few more of my favorite cool-looking, fun-to-serve dishes.

I love just about any recipe where you take food out of its shell, do something to it, then put it back—and what you’re putting back turns into a velvety, drip-free, super-watermelony filling. Everyone will want to know how you made this Watermelon Bowl.


You’ve seen those layered single-serve salads in a jar, but how often do you layer your full-size salad recipes? If you didn’t answer “ALL THE TIME,” it may be time to rethink your life choices and start investing in large glass bowls. Try out this Layered Pasta Salad.


They say it’s not easy being green—but it totally is as long as you’re Watergate Salad. This crowd-pleaser is sweet and cool, just like you and me. Yes, I actually said that.

Looking for more ideas on how to up your sides and desserts game? Look no further! Check out our best pasta salads, potato salads and JELL-O Salads.


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