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Dish of the Day!

We in the KRAFT KITCHENS are real big fans of PopSugar—especially me—so it’s pretty exciting to see their Spring Vegetable Garlic Bread recipe featuring KRAFT Monterey Jack Cheese! With veggies and melty cheese, this upgraded garlic bread is perfect for easy summer entertaining.

Feeling inspired to veg-ify your favorite bread-based recipes? I am too! Here’s what I’m thinking…

Ginas-Philly-Flatbread-60650Nothing says summer like the fresh tomatoes and zucchini on this bad boy. After a brief stint in the oven, this PHILLY Flatbread emerges crispy, creamy and bursting with flavor from the caramelized veggies. To top it all off, it’s as beautiful as it is delicious.


100544717Who says pizza has to be bread, mozzarella, and tomato sauce? This Chicken Club Pizza mash-up includes all the ingredients of a classic club—chicken, bacon, crunchy lettuce and juicy tomatoes—plus ranch dressing and crunchy crust. That makes it way better than pizza or a sandwich, in my humble opinion.


100656290Who knew bruschetta was meant for the grill? Along with your usual fresh tomatoes, garlic and green onions, this Bacon Bruschetta Baguette boasts a crisp, grill-toasted baguette and bubbly cheese. After one bite, I saw the error of my ways.

Want some more ideas? Check out our collection of pizza recipes and hot sandwiches.

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    Diane Barr Roumbos says:

    Thank you for sending me great recipes all the time. You have some really talented and creative people.

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