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For the Love of SUMMER!


Signature recipes, customized playlists plus a chance to win one of four fly-away trips to concerts of your choice—this summer just got way hotter!

For the Love of Summer is all about good food and good music, which is why the power trio Lady Antebellum has jumped on board. KRAFT and the 7-time GRAMMY-winning group have teamed up to talk about what makes the season special. Here’s what we learned:

Q: What is your favorite summer memory?

A: Hillary: I’m from Nashville, but I spent a lot of time on the road as a kid with my parents. Every summer my mom’s family would get together for a reunion, enjoying great food and catching up with each other.


Q: What’s your favorite part of summer festivals?

A: Charles: I love to start the day with a round of golf, enjoy some local food and soak up the sun with other country artists out on the road.


Q: Which Kraft recipe are you looking forward to trying?

A: Dave: I’m looking forward to the Inside-Out Bacon Cheeseburger: I love grilling during the summer when we get a break between shows. Plus, who doesn’t love cheese?


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