Who needs Beef? A Perfect Alternative Hamburger Recipe

Who Says a Good Burger Has to Be Made with Beef?

There is nothing like a beef burger with a “whole bunch of stuff” on it. I love my burgers loaded with bacon, lettuce, cheese, pickles and whatever else makes sense. I also love really hot french fries on the side. And sometimes I’m looking for a thick milkshake too. But who says that you can’t go all in with chicken? Get my recipe for a California Ranch Chicken Club Burger.

Brown Sugar - Chicken Hamburger Recipe

I know, I know, ground chicken doesn’t have all that much flavor unless you give it flavor. I found myself thinking, “If I can make white rice taste good, I can make ground chicken taste good, too.” I took some ground chicken and added a dry ranch seasoning packet for flavor, added some good cheese, bacon and avocado…boy, oh boy. This burger is just as good as any beef burger. I guarantee you!

Recipe and photo by Nicole Nared-Washington, Brown Sugar

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