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Sip into Something a Little More Comfortable

When summer gets steamy, there’s nothing like lying in the hammock with a frosty drink in my hand. I close my eyes and suddenly I can almost hear the ocean, smell the sunblock and taste the ceviche.

My go-to recipes are easy twists on traditional Mexican and South American drinks, like the Strawberry Orange Agua Fresca with CRYSTAL LIGHT above. Have you tried drinks like agua fresca and horchata yet? Lately I’ve noticed them popping up everywhere at restaurants, juice bars and coffee shops, and I couldn’t be happier to see them finally making their way out into the wider world. But I’m of the opinion that everything’s better when it’s made with a little tender loving care, so mix up a batch of these delectable drinks any time you want a little backyard vacation.


  1. Berry Lemonade Slush: Whole strawberries add a big burst of fruity goodness to this thick, icy drink.
  2. Peachy Iced Tea Sangria: What’s better than iced tea on a hot day? One that’s amped up with juice and fresh fruit!
  3. Strawberry-Mint Mojito: This alcohol-free version of a classic Cuban cocktail replaces rum with juicy, fresh strawberries.
  4. Icy Mangonadas for Two: Give your smoothie a Mexican upgrade with frozen mangos and chamoy sauce (you can find it in your local Hispanic grocery store), which adds an unbeatable sweet-savory-spicy kick.
  5. Toasted-Pecan Horchata: This creamy, nutty Mexican drink will cool you down from the inside out. After only 15 minutes of prep time, it’s ready to be chilled.
  6. Lemonade Sangria: What happens when I put my two favorite summer sippers together? A pitcher of fruit-studded fabulousness. And remember: Always drink responsibly.

Looking for more simple and fun warm-weather refreshments? We’ve got a whole bunch of cold drinks and more amazing sangria recipes.


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