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S’Mores Pops on PopSugar

How cute is she?! Apparently, someone over at PopSugar (and her daughter!) loves s’mores as much as everyone in the KRAFT KITCHENS. This genius Frozen S’mores Pudding Pops recipe is a double-win: an afternoon activity to keep the kiddie(s) occupied as well as a campfire-inspired (but entirely flame-free) frosty treat. Looking for s’more inspiration? You’ve come to the right place.

 smores pic 2

S’more Cupcakes in Jelly Jars: These cute little jars are the perfect vessel for the unbeatable combination of chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers—and a cupcake. It’s an adorable dessert that makes potlucks, camping, scouting and, um, Wednesday nights heavenly.


Easy S’mores Dip: I like to think of these as “deconstructed” s’mores. If you thought regular s’mores couldn’t get any better, you were wrong. With melty layers of chocolate and marshmallow, your s’mores game is about to be strong.

smores pic3

S’more Cheesecake: If, like me, your philosophy for cooking (and life) is “go big or go home,” you’ll appreciate this recipe. Cheesecake and s’mores: the mash-up you never knew you always wanted. Guaranteed to be more popular on Facebook than your friend’s new baby, or celebrity selfies, or celebrity new-baby selfies.

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