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Sneak Peek! Behind the Scenes at the food&family Fall Magazine Shoot

We’ve all seen movies and TV shows set at a magazine. There’s always the scene where someone frantically runs into a conference room or their boss’s office (somehow it’s never a test kitchen) with a brilliant ideathen magically it’s being published a week or two later. Let me tell you, they’re skipping a few steps! Here’s a little peek into what really went on at the latest KRAFT food&family magazine shoot.


We go to great lengths to make sure our recipes look as beautiful as they are delicious. Sometimes that means measuring our bars down to the millimeter to make sure they’re as even as humanly possible. Other times that means getting the light just right—even on cloudy days or in dark studios. Don’t worry if you don’t take your food styling quite as seriously as we do, because your dishes will still turn out fantastic.


Ever wonder how we pick which recipe makes our cover? This year, we got it narrowed down to three options, then asked for your help with the final decision on Facebook. To see which cover won and to get these recipes (and so much more), subscribe today!


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    Linda McDonnell says:

    I used to get your Kraft recipes magazine faithfully then it stopped coming, I haven’t had one for about a year and a half. I never cancelled it and I haven’t moved, I assumed you stopped making the magazine. Is there any way I can subscribe again So I can start to receive them again, I miss reading them and finding the interesting recipes that I love to try.
    Thank you
    Linda McDonnell

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    Rhonda says:

    I have not been receiving my magazines .Not sure if this is the right place to notify If not you can you provide a website . Thanks

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