A Cute and Delicious No Bake Watermelon Cheesecake

Super-Cute Watermelon Cheesecake Treats

Oh, we are deep into summer now, people! As someone once put it, “Feelin’ hot, hot, hot!” Firing up the oven in August is a definite no-no! I just want to cut into a nice grill-marked T-bone steak, preferably with my feet in the pool and a chlorine-scented breeze blowing in my sun-screened face. Oooh, let’s throw a pool party! 

What’s the best part about pool parties? The food! Flow with me, I have something special for you today. It’s a dessert that is both impressive and very easy to make, using the best of summer’s gracious bounty: watermelon. My clan just adores watermelon—you can find me cutting into a watermelon and either doling out slices to keep us hydrated or preparing large quantities of watermelon lemonade.

no bake watermelon cheesecake

This new favorite dessert is no-bake! It features watermelon as the edible vessel holding a lime cheesecake filling that comes together in minutes and can be prepared ahead of time. These Watermelon Lime Cheesecakes are luscious yet refreshing. It’s a watermelon limeade you can eat! A sure hit and perfect to beat the summer heat.

Hmm. Now, what will you do with all that free time? Intense water balloon fights. Or poolside conga lines!

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