The Easiest Tiramisu Ice Cream Recipe

A Whole New Tiramisu

We spend a lot of time outdoors around here. We also spend a lot of time trying to stay cool. Oftentimes, those two things do not necessarily go hand in hand. That is unless you are enjoying a cool, creamy ice cream cone outside on the deck. Licking melting ice cream after a run in the sprinkler or an evening out grilling is the perfect way to chill out on a hot summer day.  But not just any ol’ ice cream…homemade ice cream.

Making your own ice cream is much easier than you may think. I have been whipping up ice cream in my kitchen for the past two summers without using an ice cream maker. My secret ingredient for the creamiest ice cream without any churning? COOL WHIP Whipped Topping! Seriously, folks. Folding a little into my ice cream base before popping it into the freezer creates the creamiest, dreamiest homemade ice cream.


My latest homemade ice cream creation, Tiramisu Pudding Ice Cream, is inspired by my all-time favorite dessert, tiramisu. I blended JELL-O Chocolate Instant Pudding into my base for this ice cream and whoa! The addition of the pudding mix resulted in even creamier ice cream. Just imagine your favorite chocolate ice cream. Now picture a creamy gelato. Now combine the two, and you have the perfect ice cream texture. Perfect.

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