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3 New Ways to Enjoy the Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Before I could make a soufflé or cook a juicy Thanksgiving turkey, I wasn’t the sharpest knife in the kitchen, if you know what I mean. That is, until I discovered the grilled cheese sandwich. Savory cheddar cheese oozing over the edges of two crunchy, properly golden slices of bread…it’s flawless in its simplicity. Even at my most inept, I could always rely on grilled cheese to make me appear culinarily capable. Offering an almost immediate payoff for little effort, this is quite possibly the world’s most perfect sandwich.

As life took me from the home I grew up in, to my first dorm room, on through to my first mortgage, the grilled cheese followed. White bread became heartier; cheese became French and unpronounceable. Eventually I added dips, or perhaps tomato soup or a light vinaigrette. Acidic additions such as pickles and tomatoes appeared from time to time, and bacon because…well, bacon. Still today, each bite fills me with warm nostalgia and I smile as the flavorful goodness delights my taste buds.

How do you master this American staple? Hot sandwiches are always satisfying and one can never go wrong with classic grilled cheese, but if you’re seeking something new, try these three fresh takes:

Sometimes you just want the original, but with a little something extra. This Hearty Grilled Cheese fits the bill nicely. All of the classic elements are here but with turkey breast, red onions, and multi-grain bread to take it to the next level.


This Over-Easy Cheesy BLT has everything going its way. One egg (which makes it perfect for breakfast-time too, right?) and two cheeses partner with lettuce and tomato atop a French baguette. Coin this one the “anytime.”

grilled cheese

The ultimate combination of sweet and savory are married atop spicy mustard and gooey cheddar in this grown-up Savory Honey Dijon Melt, pictured above I love the added touch of pear slices, which compliment the richness of this sandwich with a refreshing light flavor.


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    norma says:

    Omg! I love your kraft mayonnaise!!!! The best in the world, and your sliced pepper cheese! The best!!!
    Do you have coupons so I can use next time I go shopping?
    Thank you,

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      Hi Norma, thank you so much for the love! Our goal is to maintain the high quality for our existing products and to create new products that consumers, like you, find enjoyable. It’s gratifying to learn that our efforts have been successful. Unfortunately, we are unable to send you coupons due to the high number of requests that we receive. We have a new program that just came out where you can find a wide variety of downloadable KraftHeinz Company coupons, savings, and more on our new Coupon Center page, located on http://kraft.us/1LYRv1z. You can also look in newspapers and magazines for additional coupons. I hope this helps and have a great day!

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    Linda Gleason says:

    I love grilled cheese…any cheese. Any bread. Any time. Traditionally paired with tomato soup.
    Anxious to try these

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