4 Snacks for Kids That You'll Love Too

 4 Snacks for Kids That You’ll Love Too

Something I read on PopSugar has completely changed the way I view snacking.

Like many of you, I’m usually short on time. For this reason, I prefer ever-ready snacks that are easy to prepare. Our friends at PopSugar shared a delightful way to make food preparation both simple and fun for kids. These beautiful Magic Wands have inspired me to try a few quick recipes on my own. I love that these snacks can be placed in the fridge and are ready to go whenever I need them!

Snacks for kids

Banana-Berry Yogurt Pops: Made for hot days, these frozen pops are refreshingly delicious. Created with creamy Greek-style yogurt and fluffy whipped topping, this is one low-fat delight you can feel good about enjoying. Leave them in the freezer and pull them out individually anytime.


Snacks for Kids

Rocky Road Pudding Cups: It doesn’t get any easier than this. Got 5 minutes? Then you have plenty of time for this 3-ingredient recipe. It’s a dreamy mix of texture and chocolate made with ingredients you may already have in your pantry. Best of all? No dishes to clean once you’re done.

Snacks for Kids

Green Chile Roll-Ups: Not every snack has to be sweet. If you’re craving something savory, these cheesy roll-ups are right up your alley. Each slice fits conveniently in your palm—call it “commuter cuisine.”

Looking for more snack ideas? Browse our collection of more simple snacks for kids.

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