Food Coupons for All! Our Coupon Center is Now Open

The Coupon Center Is Open for Business

Long ago, saving money at the grocery store used to require 1: a paper coupon and 2: scissors to cut it out of the paper. That’s right, scissors. I have no idea where my scissors are right now.

These days, saving money is a lot more civilized. If you take advantage of our new Coupon Center, for example, you can register your grocery store’s shopper card with us to unlock savings right at the checkout. You just click “clip to card” and save at the register.

No sharp objects required. See? Civilized.

You can also go old-school and print your coupons at home from your computer. Or you can shop around from the comfort of your own couch by comparing prices on store circulars right on our website. Or check your phone (or tablet, or whatever) for sales while you’re actually in the store.

AND, we’ve got our own coupons for KRAFT products, but we’ve got everyone else’s coupons, too. See? There are as many ways to save as there are to shop. Check out the Coupon Center to try any and all.


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    Dotti Gates says:

    please send coupons. I am on fixed income with no public assistance. Every penny helps me stretch my very thin budget.

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    Tyffani Frazier says:

    I have a family of six & and back in school, working part time & enjoy saving please send me coupons to feed my growing family

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    Hi everybody! Unfortunately, we are unable to send you coupons due to the high number of requests that we receive. We have a new program where you can find a wide variety of downloadable Kraft Heinz Company coupons, savings, and more on our new Coupon Center page, located on You can also look in newspapers and magazines for additional coupons. I hope this helps and have a great day!

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