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Hack: How to Easily Pickle & Caramelize Onions at Home

Onions are the life of the party; when they’re included, dishes are more interesting. We know what you’re thinking, but preparing onions is easy. Whether you’ve got a lot of time or a little, there is no reason not to bring a little fete to your feast with the help of this vegetable. Here are two short videos detailing easy methods for caramelizing and pickling.

If you’re low on time, pickling is your best bet. In this 30-second video, learn how to take your onions from the cutting board to the jar. They are then ready, waiting in your fridge whenever you need them. Super easy! Amaze your guests with homemade pickled onions they’ll assume you spent hours preparing. These onions work especially well in our Pulled Chicken Barbecue Sandwich and Quick Pork Shoulder Tacos or for taco nights, in salads and over pickled eggs or grilled sausage.

Got a little more time on your hands? Consider caramelizing. Nothing accompanies juicy, tender steak like caramelized onions. The longer they’re browned, the sweeter they become. Looking for inspiration? Try your hand at this Marinated Steak with Caramelized Onions. Use the tips in the above video to master this useful culinary technique, then put the delicious results to work on pizzas, burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches.

We love using onions to take easy dinners up a notch. How do you use them in your kitchen?

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