Chicken Pot Pie the Easy Way: A Recipe for the Whole Family

Pot Pie the Easy Way: Chicken Casseroles for the Whole Family

Now that the kids have headed back to school, nights and weekends around here are extremely busy. Between homework and after-school obligations, I’m constantly looking for easy and quick dinner ideas that the entire family will love. If you are a parent, then you know this is not always an easy task.

Chicken pot pie

Lately, Individual Chicken Pot Pie Casseroles have been our household’s favorite meal. Each member of the family creates their own, so everyone gets exactly what they want. The recipe starts with VELVEETA Cheesy Casseroles Chicken Pot Pie. The dinner kit provides the biscuit topping mix, seasonings, vegetables and a creamy cheese sauce. I just add the chicken, milk and any additional veggies that my family loves. Usually, I set up small bowls filled with corn kernels, chopped celery and sliced mushrooms, and everyone adds the vegetables of their choice to their own individual casserole. Not only is it on the table in no time, but we also have fun as a family making these casseroles together.

Which vegetable add-ins would you and your family use in these creamy and comforting Individual Chicken Pot Pie Casseroles? For more ideas, check out our collection of chicken casseroles.

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