Tacos Reinvented: An Easy, Make-Ahead Taco Casserole

Tacos Reinvented: A Make-Ahead, Eat-Anytime Fall Fave

There’s no pretending once we pass Labor Day. Fall’s here and busier schedules call for changes in our mealtime routines.

Mexican Taco Casserole

With school lunch-boxes to pack, hectic mornings and appointments that keep us constantly on the go, it’s a great time to start planning what we’ll eat in advance. There have been many evenings when I’ve literally had less than 20 minutes to feed everyone before having to dash off to the next extracurricular activity. So, I rely on recipes that can be divided into portions and refrigerated or frozen so that they’re ready to grab whenever, like these easy Mexican casseroles.

This Layered Mexi-Mac Taco Casserole really fits the bill. Not only does it have the kick and flavor of Mexican spices, but also it’s stuffed with the delicious ingredients everyone loves in their tacos!

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