Fun Dinner Recipes Using Chipotles

Today’s the Day: Chipotle

I’m not going to kid you—chipotles are intimidating. I’ve seen people push their grocery cart past them going double time, making no eye contact with the mound of dried husks. They usually head for the bell peppers…and I get that. But here’s the thing: They’re missing out. Dried or canned, chipotles are in everything you want to eat. Seriously. I have some evidence below. These recipes all use canned chipotles, which of course need no prep or chopping. But do take a look at our mind-blowing video that shows exactly how easy it is to prep a dried chipotle pepper. And then you’ll know. And you’ll never power-walk past these spicy bits of paradise again.

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Here are a few dinner ideas which allow you to use your new chipotle chopping skills.

dinner ideas using chipotle

Chipotle Short Ribs: This recipe uses canned chipotles with store-bought BBQ sauce, so dive right in. Honey gives these ribs a slightly sweet kick.

easy dinner shrimp recipe

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Kabobs with Orange-Chipotle Sauce: Chopped chipotle peppers are paired with marmalade for a spicy-sweet sauce. These kabobs will establish you as “the one who knows how to grill.”mini cheeseburgers dinner recipes

Mini Cheeseburgers with Chipotle Mayo: You thought you liked cheeseburgers. You had NO IDEA how much you really liked cheeseburgers.

Check these recipes out, because a spicier kitchen is the beginning of a spicier life.

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