Pin-Worthy Halloween Treats for Kids of All Ages

A Very Pinterest Halloween

Ah, Pinterest. There are few things that can monopolize so much of my free time and yet make me so ambitious about all the projects I could do with my free time.

Dream: Tonight I will decorate my refrigerator with washi tape!
Reality: Tonight I will decorate my face with a little makeup before I go to happy hour.

Dream: This weekend I will finally do that awesomely weird fabric ice-dyeing thing!
Reality: This weekend I will finally do laundry.

Dream: When my best friend comes over, we’ll make that thousand-layer crepe cake.
Reality: When my best friend comes over, we’ll make cupcakes. Maybe.

Fortunately, when it comes to fun and adorable Halloween food ideas, KRAFT’s Pinterest boards are full of recipes that can make my dreams come true. It seems I’m not alone in feeling this way. These sinister Halloween treats and spooky Halloween appetizers are blowing up on our boards!

When it comes to this Under-a-Spell Red Devil Cake, the devil’s in the details, and the details are all in our handy step-by-step how-to video. This spiral cake is as mesmerizing as it is delicious. Looking for more eerie inspiration? Check out these Halloween cakes.

A cheese ball can make or break a party, and if you’re having a Halloween party, your cheese ball should be dressed accordingly. That’s where this Cheesy Jack-o’-Lantern comes in. A few easy details like cut-up pepperoni and scallions transform a super-simple cheese ball into a festive—and delicious—Halloween food.

Are you into ghoulish or goofy? When you decorate these simple Halloween Monster Cookie Balls, you get to decide. A cream cheese-OREO Cookie base coated with melted chocolate makes the perfect palette for your most adorable Halloween creations.


Reinvent breadsticks for a crowd-pleasing Halloween snack. These Cheesy Bones are anything but chilling! With a little hot sauce (or a lot—up to you!) mixed into ranch dipping sauce, this recipe packs the heat. Both a trick and a treat!

Someone once told me that Halloween is the most popular day for pizza delivery. Buck that trend and opt for this sweet Bats & Bones Brownie Pizza instead. A chocolate brownie “pizza” base with a creamy topping and chopped-up fun-size candy—this recipe is basically everything you want for a supernaturally delicious treat. For more ideas, check out these Halloween desserts.

I don’t believe in things that go bump in the night, but I do believe in these One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes! Decorate them to look friendly or fierce—either way, they’re sure to be a graveyard (party) smash! For more scary-cute sweets, allow me to introduce our best Halloween cupcakes.

I don’t have a pumpkin patch, but every fall these adorable little OREO-Pumpkin Cookie Balls seem to pop up in my kitchen. All it takes to transform a regular peanut-buttery cookie ball into a perfect pumpkin is a little orange sanding sugar and broken pretzel sticks. No magic wand necessary!

What else are you pinning this Halloween?


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    Trisha Price says:

    I would like the recipes to the cake roll cake and the cupcakes they look good i would love to try them.
    Thank you Trisha price

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