Fall Must-Have Maple Recipes

Maple Beyond Breakfast

I love lying in bed Sunday mornings, listening to the birds outside of my window. My apartment is quiet. The pillow against my cheek feels extra soft and the golden sun rays flooding my room are warm and persuasive. “Stay in bed,” they seem to say, as if to the tune of birdsong. “Just a bit longer,” I decide. Seconds turn into minutes and pretty soon there’s only one force strong enough to pry me out of my sweet semi-slumber: pancakes.

Perhaps it isn’t the tender flat cake that I love so much as the syrup. Maple is one of the season’s most delightful flavors all on its own.

Lately, I’ve begun experimenting with dishes that share a common denominator. You guessed it: maple syrup. The result is a collection of easy recipes I recommend be enjoyed under a warm blanket any peaceful Sunday.

I love how this Maple-Mustard Roast Chicken Dinner brings to the table the best of sweet and savory. The maple syrup glaze adds a delicious layer of flavor to each juicy bite. It also makes for fantastic leftovers as the flavors soak deeper into the dish overnight.


Another recipe that proves how multi-talented maple syrup can be is Bacon & Maple Scalloped Potatoes. These creamy, cheesy, ooey-gooey taters are amazing! I especially love how crispy the top is thanks to the help of caramelized maple syrup. Nothing’s better than hearing the potatoes’ pleasant crunch before they reach your taste buds.


If you’re unsure how to properly cook squash, you’re not alone. The fruit—often mistaken for a vegetable—is intimidating right from the start. What does one do with the seeds? How should the skin be prepared? Once you get the hang of it, this may become your favorite go-to ingredient. Try this easy recipe for Balsamic-Maple Acorn Squash. It requires only four ingredients and 15 minutes of preparation. It also makes a lovely addition to any dinnertime spread.


Monday mornings are made a bit sweeter with the help of Maple-Cinnamon Coffee. In just 15 minutes, I’m out the door with a coffeehouse-quality cup. Maple syrup, you’ve done it again!

Which unconventional maple recipes will you try this week?

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