How to Make Spider-Web Halloween Cupcakes

Get Caught Up in these Spider-Web Cupcakes

With fall comes fabulous tastes and smells—especially when you’re baking! I love the combo of cinnamon and pumpkin, and this year I’m kicking the flavor up a notch by adding tangy BREAKSTONE’S or KNUDSEN Sour Cream and PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese to give regular pumpkin cupcakes a little zip. Need adult Halloween party ideas? Serve these Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting alongside some warm mulled cider. For kids’ Halloween treats, add the fun spider web, made with melted chocolate, to the top of the cupcakes. My kids like to stick one of those plastic spider rings on top as decoration.


The batter comes together easily when you mix a boxed spice cake mix with a can of pure pumpkin, sour cream, eggs and oil. Even on their own, these cupcakes taste great. The sour cream and pumpkin add flavor and so much moistness. Delicious!

Add some cinnamon cream cheese frosting—it’s so easy! This tangy cream cheese frosting pairs well with the pumpkin cupcakes, turning them into fabulous gourmet cupcakes. To really make these my own and give them extra Halloween flare, I like to pipe concentric circles of chocolate onto the cupcake tops, then drag a toothpick from the center to the edge, creating a spider-web design. It’s an easy trick that makes your cupcakes perfect for your next Halloween party.

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