Halloween Food Ideas: The Brains for Zombies Cheese Ball

The “Zombies Never Had It So Good” Cheese Ball

A Zombie Brains Cheese Ball appetizer will be the centerpiece of your spooky Halloween Party spread. In just a few easy steps, you can make this frighteningly fun treat for your holiday celebration!

October brings some of my favorite things—sweatshirts, bonfires, cool air and pumpkin-spiced everything…and Halloween, one of my favorite holidays! I have so many great Halloween memories from when I was a little girl, trick-or-treating in a homemade costume with my three sisters and collecting oodles of candy in big pillowcases. We always had so much fun!

halloween food ideasI have to say, though, in all my years of enjoying Halloween festivities, I’ve never met anyone who does Halloween like my sister-in-law. She loves it more than anyone I have ever met and she celebrates the holiday with ghoulish style! Every year she hosts a fabulous Halloween costume party for the whole family and lots of friends. Her house gets decked out in spooky decorations galore, and she whips up a menu full of Halloween-themed treats and snacks.

She inspired me to get more creative with my Halloween menu this year, so I came up with this frighteningly fun Zombie Brains Cheese Ball. While it may look creepy on the outside, it is full of delicious flavor on the inside! The base is a pesto-and-Parmesan-flavored cheese ball topped with a smooth feta cheese mixture piped on to look like brains. Sun-dried tomato sauce surrounds the whole thing, bringing a bold, garlicky punch.

Not only is it easy to make, but you can prepare it in advance, which leaves you free to chat with all of the ghosts and goblins when it’s party time. I guarantee it will get plenty of “eeews” and “ahhhs” at your Halloween gathering!

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