3 Microwave Hacks for the Best Pecan Pie of Your Life

Is there anything worse than getting ready to bake and finding your brown sugar is basically hard enough to cut glass? This seems to happen to me every Thanksgiving Eve when I’m already coated in flour, reeking of onions and garlic, and in the middle of three other Thanksgiving recipes. Fortunately, there’s one quick microwave trick to solve this problem—and a couple more that are even easier if you have the foresight to check your sugar more than five minutes before you need it.

Pie duty has fallen to me for years—I think it’s mostly because I can make dough that doesn’t turn out like cardboard (don’t overmix it, people!). I’ll take special requests for pies two and three, but pie number one is always pecan. I love the Chocolate Bliss Pecan Pie above because it’s enhanced with chocolate—both melted and in chunks—plus it has a nice ratio of brown sugar to corn syrup. Since I’ve been at it awhile now, you can bet there are a couple other tips I’ve picked up along the way. For example, here’s how to melt chocolate in the microwave the easy, no-burn way (plus how to make an old-school double boiler).

This pie recipe doesn’t call for it, but I can never resist toasting my pecans before they go in. Doing this gives the pie much more depth and really intensifies that nutty flavor. Usually I’ll go with the simple oven method in the video below, but don’t worry if your oven and stovetop are already occupied, because your microwave can get this job done, too!

What are your shortcuts for making Thanksgiving dinner happen?

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