Green Bean Casserole Made 4 Ways!

4 Ways to Make an Amazing Green Bean Casserole

If you ever wore a school uniform growing up, you know the boredom that comes with being denied variety. Kids in uniforms are always desperately searching for ways to stand out from the crowd. They’ll try flipping their collar up or wearing printed socks—whatever they can do to shake things up a bit. Truth is, we all need a little variety from time to time, even as adults. The status quo can be comforting but a change from the norm can be refreshing, exciting.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, I sometime like to let my creative side take over, and the classic side dishes are the best playground for culinary creativity. With this in mind, I’ve started experimenting with unique takes on the classic green bean casserole.

These four recipes show how easy it is to keep it classic and shake things up (just a little).

4 Ways to Make an Amazing Green Bean Casserole

In the recipe above, everything you love about the original is here: delicious green beans, cheesy goodness and a crunchy topping. Whenever I’m looking for the most dependably delicious dish, I go for Classic Green Bean Casserole.

green bean casserole

Without straying too far from the beloved original, this take on the classic requires fresh vegetables, which make all the difference. Panko breadcrumbs and sliced almonds make this Fresh Green Bean Casserole a crunchy favorite at any table I bring it to

green bean casserole

Most foodies love stuffing and most love green bean casserole, but have you ever tried them together? For an unexpected twist, this recipe for Cheesy Green Bean Casserole incorporates delicious stuffing, beans and warm cheese. Each bite is full of fall’s best flavors

green bean casserole

It’s in the name! The addition of mushrooms makes this Better-than-Ever Green Bean Casserole my personal favorite version. It boasts a savory mix of fresh beans, a creamy sour cream sauce and french-fried onions. This is truly an amazing recipe.

How will you get creative with green bean casserole this fall?


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