Deviled Eggs Made Better with Bacon and Cheese

Deviled Eggs with a Bacon-Cheddar Twist

In the South, deviled eggs are considered a fundamental side dish. Rarely does a holiday meal or get-together happen without a big plateful gracing the table. Be it a family reunion, summer picnic, church potluck or Thanksgiving feast, you’re sure to find deviled eggs in attendance.

And so it was, and still is, with my husband’s deeply rooted Southern family. My husband’s mom always makes a platter of traditional deviled eggs for special family meals.

Having grown up in the Northeast, I was unfamiliar with this deviled egg tradition. But that quickly changed once I moved to North Carolina and married my Southern-born-and-bred husband.

That first Thanksgiving after we were married, we started the tradition of both our families enjoying Thanksgiving dinner together at my parents’ house. Would you like to guess who was asked to make the deviled eggs?


That’s right, for our first Thanksgiving dinner together, I was in charge of the dish my new mother-in-law is an expert at making. I’m sure you can imagine the pressure I was under! Thankfully, I did the Southern tradition proud. I’m happy to say I even earned compliments from my mother-in-law.

Since that first Thanksgiving meal 13 years ago, our deviled egg tradition has continued, though now when I’m in charge of the dish we rarely have the traditional version. I love to put a twist on recipes! Deviled eggs have become one of my favorites to experiment with—I try new ingredients and flavor combinations in the filling. The possibilities are endless!

My newest favorite twist? Cheddar-Bacon Deviled Eggs.

With a filling chock-full of bacon, cheddar cheese and a touch of fresh chives, Cheddar-Bacon Deviled Eggs deliver a fabulous flavor punch. They’re so tasty, I certainly don’t think anyone will mind when they grace the Thanksgiving (or potluck) table.

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    Adrianne says:

    I love deviled eggs and these look amazing! Such an interesting take on a classic fav. Do you have any deviled egg recipes that incorporate cream cheese?

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