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An Easy Rustic Pie To Simplify Thanksgiving Dessert

Because my mom loves to cook, she’s taken on the responsibility of feeding our entire family during the holidays. To avoid exhaustion, she’s been utilizing shortcuts, especially when it comes to dessert. Instead of spending an entire day baking her famous pies, she’s now purchasing pies from local bakeries or making simpler desserts at home. I love that she embraces the true reason we have gathered: to spend quality time together.

I too am trying to keep the holiday menu simpler this year. With this in mind, I’ve begun making pies in a freeform style known as galette. This technique is super fast and easy because it requires neither a top pie crust nor a pie plate. If you’d also like to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family this year, I highly recommend you try making a galette.


Quick Rustic Easy Pie Recipes Apple Raisin Pie Process 3

To get you started, I’ve created this Easy Rustic Apple Raisin Pie with Caramel Drizzle recipe. I served it during a recent family dinner with my in-laws and it was a huge hit!   Kraft has created more delicious rustic pie recipes using fresh apples, such as this Cranberry Apple Pilgrim Pie and of course plenty of traditional apple pie recipes and non-traditional apple pie desserts.   How do you plan to keep the menu simpler this year?


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