Non-Basic Brunch in a Snap!

Non-Basic Savory-Sweet Brunch

I love how long holiday weekends conveniently add a moment of leisure to an otherwise packed calendar. This is the time of year that has me spread thinnest, so I embrace a break from the routine. Our family relishes cozying up together and losing track of time with games, movies and delicious meals. Brunch, a meal synonymous with relaxation, is always on the menu.

I’ve never been a traditional cook. Outside-the-box recipes are typically my favorite. In fact, when I try something new and everyone loves it, that’s when my inner chef is happiest. With more time available for trial and error, extended weekends provide the ideal setting for culinary experimentation.

This year, I’ve already gathered a few recipes that incorporate both savory and sweet flavors, perfect for breakfast and brunch. Here are some I can’t wait to create!

5 Savory, Sweet Brunch Ideas

This Bacon & Cream Cheese-Stuffed French Toast is sure to be a family favorite for years to come. It stars challah (braided egg bread), filled with cream cheese and bacon then cooked French-toast style for a scrumptiously savory-sweet combination that satisfies every taste bud.

Brunch - savory and delicious

My kids are currently enamored with any food they’re allowed to eat fork-free. They’ll absolutely love these amazing Chicken ’n Waffle “Tacos”! Mouthwatering crispy chicken breast nestled inside toaster-ready waffles are a great brunch option during long weekends when no one’s in the mood to wash dishes. No forks, no knives, just deliciousness.

Tip: Upgrade maple syrup with just a touch of orange zest. The hint of citrus and maple sweetness totally complements the extra-moist, savory pancakes in Sour Cream & Bacon Pancakes with Warm Orange-Maple Syrup. With each bite, the flavors of bacon, pancake, maple and orange mingle. Yet another reason to stay cozied up on the couch.

Transform some pretty simple breakfast ingredients into a brilliantly cheesy, custardy brunch classic. With crispy waffles topped with layers of bacon, cheddar and maple syrup, this Maple-Bacon Waffle Bake is the breakfast sandwich you never knew you always wanted.

Why should Mom be the only person in the house who can’t wake up to instant breakfast? These Morning Rise & Dine Cups can be made the day before and popped in the microwave a mere minute before being served. Didn’t plan that far ahead? No worries—these babies can be prepared in 15 minutes and on the table in 20 minutes more.


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