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Sangria for Thanksgiving

THANKSGIVING SEASON IS HERE! Can you tell I’m excited? Because I totally am. Thanksgiving is the gateway to the holiday season. It is the one day when comfy joggers are acceptable—no, requisite—attire.

In our Latino household, food is the main event! Cooking starts promptly at 5 a.m. and dinner isn’t over until way past midnight. Typically, several courses are served, each more delicious than the last. In between a dinner of roast pork shoulder (our preference over turkey), several sides and desserts, I like to keep the cocktails fresh by mixing them upon request. Although it’s fun playing bartender, manning the bar leaves less time for interacting with the entire family. The holidays are all about family time, hugs and belly laughs. So, out of my desire to be in the middle of it all, this Apple Pie Sangria was born. Drinks that yield multiple servings are a snap to put together and can easily be doubled, thus freeing you to mingle with family and catch up on good conversation (read: gossip).

In the spirit of the holidays, I wanted this Caramel Apple Pie Sangria to taste like just like a slice of apple pie. I start with apple cider, CRYSTAL LIGHT Natural Lemon Flavor Iced Tea Mix (using packets) and dulce de leche for unexpected caramel notes. Then I shake the mixture vigorously and add chopped apples, warm spices, wine and spiced rum. I let the flavors meld for a couple of hours and serve it cold, topped with seltzer.

This Caramel Apple Pie Sangria is sweet, with prevalent apple notes and warm spice undertones. It is perfect for family gatherings that center on belly laughs and building memories.

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