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Thanksgiving Desserts Your Way

Here’s a thing that’s great about Thanksgiving: While many dishes are expected, nothing is mandatory. This is America! If you’re not into pie, you don’t need to spend your time rolling dough into quarter-inch thickness. So in the spirit of American ingenuity, we offer a cornucopia (flashback to my third-grade spelling test) of Thanksgiving desserts that are not pie.

Top 5 Alternative Thanksgiving Desserts

  1. White Chocolate, Caramel & Pumpkin Mini Loaves

The day after Thanksgiving, that can of pumpkin turns from an inspiring autumn ingredient into a 15-ounce reminder of your procrastination habit. This year, hit the ground running with our newest, most delectable pumpkin bread, combining canned pumpkin with JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding and KRAFT Caramel Bits, then topped off with a drizzle of BAKER’S White Chocolate. These mini loaves will rock the dessert table at any Thanksgiving gathering.


  1. Apple Pie Mini Cheesecakes

All the flavors of apple pie, with fragrant cinnamon and a graham cracker crumb crust, plus the added bonus of smooth cream cheese. These minis are adorable and delicious, everything you want in a dessert.

  1. Pumpkin Fluff Dip

You may not have a pumpkin to cut up for the bowl—but it doesn’t matter. The point here is that pudding mix, whipped topping and canned pumpkin come together for a Thanksgiving dessert dip that your relatives—and even your fairy godmother—will totally approve of.

Apple Marllow Crisp

  1. Apple Mallow Crisp

This season, when you throw marshmallows in your cart for the sweet potatoes, grab one more bag. Then use ’em in this dessert for a delectable combo of apple streusel and marshmallow meltiness that will make everyone forget that apple pie is a thing.


  1. Caramel Apple Bread Pudding

I think we can all agree that caramel apple season is far too short. Get caught eating one after October 31st and you’ll have to explain yourself. Except if you make this insane bread pudding. BAM! Your caramel apple window has now been extended through Thanksgiving. You’re welcome.


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