Amazing Crescent Roll Recipes: Bread-y, Set, Bake!

Bread-y to take baking to a whole new, mind-blowingly awesome level?

Crescent roll dough is quickly becoming a favorite shortcut to amazing dishes, ready in only minutes. Pulling apart soft, flaky bread, still warm from the oven, is a blissfully delicious way to dine.

Some recipes wouldn’t be the same without it, including monkey bread and, well, crescent rolls. Other recipes are made whimsically wonderful with the addition of this easy-to-prepare pastry. Let your imagination run wild with a few combinations your family and friends would never expect. Turn an everyday staple into something unforgettable. Here are a few combinations you must try today.

The Ultimate Collection: Crescent Roll Recipes

Ham and Pineapple Crescent Rolls really prove the versatility of this bread. In just 15 minutes, you can prep these delectable bites of savory ham, sweet pineapple and soft cream cheese. After 15 minutes inthe oven, they’re done! Keep the ingredients on hand and you’ll never have to scramble for something to serve surprise holiday guests.

crescent roll recipes

Kids and adults alike love these fun-to-eat PB, B & J Crescents. The extra “b” is for “better than anything you could possibly imagine”! JK. It’s for bacon—which, when you think about it, is really the same thing. This recipe is a superlative combination of sweet and savory.


Ever try roasting s’mores indoors? Not as fun as making them around a campfire, right? That’s because it’s almost impossible to keep the marshmallows gooey and the chocolate melted. These S’Mores Crescent Roll Puffs are the solution you’ve been looking for! Inside each pocket you’ll find chocolate and sweet coconut marshmallows, kept nice and warm, ooey-gooey and easy to enjoy! No campfire required.

crescent roll recipes

Everything you love about bacon-onion dip is stuffed inside flaky pull-apart dough for these crowd-pleasing Bacon Appetizer Crescents. Bring out these babies at your next gathering and watch them disappear!

crescent roll recipes

Deceptively simple in appearance, these Honey Cream Filled Crescents are infused with luscious honey, earthy almonds and soft cream cheese. They’re perfect at cocktail hour or with a cup of coffee after dinner—or the next morning.

How do you like to use crescent roll dough?


    • Author Image
      Leslie Pope says:

      I keep two or three cans of crescent rolls on hand for my drop by guests, and love to create new finger foods for them to enjoy. Crescent rolls have saved me many a time when I didn’t have the traditional crackers n cheese or chips and dips available. My guests tell me that they come by often to visit to see what I can create…crescent rolls have been my go to appetizers.

  1. Author Image
    Marsha says:

    Why would you post a picture of burnt crescent rolls for a recipe you are promoting? I expect better from Kraft, just saying!

  2. Author Image
    Juanita Akima Taylor says:

    Make good snacks for kids. Good way to get them to eat veggies they don’t like. Stuff cooked veggies and cheese or other dips inside, close, bake and yum yum.

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