Festive Treats on the Cheap

Elephant-in-the-room time: The holidays don’t exactly come free. There are gifts to consider, and travel expenses, and Santa Yoda tree-toppers. So what’s a budget-conscious person supposed to make when invitations to Ugly Sweater Party potlucks arrive? You could hole up at home for the season. (Not fun.) You could blow your budget in the name of holiday spirit. (Not wise.) Or you could make one of these three wallet-friendly treats and smile inwardly about their price point. If you don’t tell, I won’t!

JELL-O Candy Cane JIGGLERS: Who knew cheap could look so cute? Pick up four packages of JELL-O Gelatin (super affordable) and COOL WHIP Whipped Topping (equally inexpensive), and you’re on your way to a platter of these stripey treats. The third and final ingredient is water, which is about as cheap as it gets.


Salted Chocolate-Covered Caramels: I’m guessing two of the three ingredients for these candies are already in your pantry—possibly all three. Seriously, just coat some caramels with melted chocolate and sprinkle on a little sea salt. Easy and elegant, with no need to dread your bank statement.

Peppermint-Marshmallow Bark: A batch of bark goes a LONG way (at least if you’re keeping stray hands out of the container!), making it one of my favorite not-so-spendy desserts. And forgoing expensive nut toppers in favor of budget-friendly peppermints and mini marshmallows? Genius.

Looking for more fiscally responsible treats? We’ve got ’em! Check out our fab budget desserts.

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