Mexican Wedding Cookies Made Simple

Your New Favorite Holiday Cookie

“’Tis the season for eating cookies, FA-LA-LA-LA-LA LA-LA LA-LA!

It’s that time again—my absolute favorite time of year! I love the holidays! Specifically, I love baking during the holidays. Homemade treats, like mouthwatering cookies, can be given as DIY gifts. I typically make snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies and fudge. This year, though, I’m adding something new: Mexican Wedding Cookies! You’ll notice I changed the shape of the cookie from that of the original recipe. You’re free to do the same, which is another reason these treats are so fun to make! These are similar in flavor to shortbread cookies and are studded with ground pecans. The best part is that they’re easy to prepare!

A platter-full makes for a beautiful display when placed on my dining room table, and the cookies fill the room with a wonderful aroma. Every time I walk by them, I purposely breathe in deeply and instantly get weak in the knees.

Although there are many theories as to how this cookie got its name, one thing is for sure: These cookies and I will be renewing our “wedding vows” every holiday season from this point forward! To have and to hold; to eat and to comfort. I do!

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