Easy Meatloaf Recipe: The Most Versatile Dish You've Ever Tried

The Most Versatile Mini Meatloaves Ever!

The holiday season brings back so many food memories. Growing up in the Midwest, cooking and baking were always a part of our lives, especially at the holidays. It’s something I share with my own children now, though I’ve adapted how and what I cook. Back then, our “comfort foods” were heavy and filling, perfect for bulking up against the cold winters. Nowadays, I’m always looking for lighter flavors and sensible portions. I also like to add vegetables whenever possible.

My take on the old-fashioned meatloaf, Turkey Meatloaf Muffins, uses a muffin tin for portion control and peppers and onions add lots of flavor. Ground turkey and a sprinkle of cheese vary from the traditional meatloaf but are a welcome change.

These mini meatloaves work at dinnertime but can also serve as a handheld appetizer next time you gather family & friends for the holidays or game day. We also use the leftovers in the lunch-boxes —the kids love the hearty change from sandwiches. If you’re feeding a crowd, this recipe scales up easily. You can even prepare the meatloaf muffins per the recipe, let them cool, then freeze them in zipper freezer bags to be defrosted and reheated later.

For more meatloaf recipes, head over to Kraft Recipes.

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